I started Working In The Music Industry over twenty years ago while I was still traveling with Kenny Rogers. I put it on the shelf after some false starts by major publishers. It finally dawned on me that I didn’t need a major publisher to get this title in print, and there still was valuable information in the pages, so I picked it up again a couple of years ago and headed for the finish line.
Working In The Music Industry was written primarily for young people, high school to college age, who are curious about the various job opportunities in the commercial music business. My book is not the first to address this topic, but in this book my descriptions about music careers are followed by interviews with people who are actually working in these occupations, and they have a good bit to say. It’s a short, but informative read at about 100 pages. While I don’t expect many of you on my “music alert”  list to run out and order a copy, maybe you know someone who is thinking about music as a career and could benefit by reading this. If so, please send them my way.
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