There are always some defining moments to most of the TV specials that I work on, and one such moment occurred last night. John Fogerty graced our rehearsal room in preparation for his performance on “Girls’ Night Out,” a CBS special to be aired April 22nd. Wearing a flannel shirt and a gentle smile, John stepped up to the microphone and took us all back to 1969 as we performed “Proud Mary” with him. But this was not an attempt to claim something that had been lost to youth, it was John Fogerty as I remember him sounding when Creedence Clearwater Revival took over the airways in the late 60s and early 70s. I don’t know how old John is, but he still sings and plays with the same energy and clarity that made him a legend. We were all knocked out with John’s performance, and charmed by his humble attitude and enthusiasm for his work.
I’ve played “Blue Skies” with Willie Nelson. I recorded “She Believes In Me” with Kenny Rogers, and taught Donald Sutherland how to sing a song for a movie. Admittedly small moments in music history, nonetheless they are indelible moments in my career. While they don’t define who I am, these memories certainly leave me with a smile. And now I have another.