Edgar Struble – Producer


Edgar has produced sound recordings for many artists through the years, including Bobby Hatfield of The Righteous Brothers, trumpeter Al Hirt, and Michele Lee, who portrayed Dottie West and sang her hits in the made-for-TV movie The Dottie West Story.

In 2011, a friendship with director Harold Cronk from his hometown in Michigan led to Edgar’s recruitment into the film business. Now, with two feature films in distribution, two in post-production, and several in development, Edgar has added another job title to his resume: Film Producer.

Written and directed by Harold Cronk, both Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure and Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson are successful DVD and VOD releases enjoyed by families around the world. Crowning Jules, another family-friendly movie written by Shea Fontana and directed by Dennis Thomas, was released in 2017. God Bless the Broken Road was a major theatrical release in 2019. Edgar enjoys the opportunity to produce family films and loves spending time on the set with so many creatives, each contributing their expertise to the projects.